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Domaine du Viking has been operating in the vineyard for several generations.

In Reugny, Centre-Val de Loire region, we welcome you to taste our wines, which make our reputation in the region.

Vignoble Centre-Val de Loire

Our Story

Marcel LHOMME is the 3rd generation of farmers-vinegrower who owns the farm. Research among the family's archives shows that his grandfather, Pierre Landoireau, farmed about 2 Ha of vines and 10 Ha of land with the breeding of a few goats and cows. Maurice LHOMME, his son-in-law, was in charge of expanding the vineyard area, mainly through purchases. But on August 11, 1944, he was shot by the Nazis. Marcel LHOMME found himself alone to manage the 16 Ha of land and the 4 Ha of vines acquired by his parents.

It was in 1950 that he decided to focus on the development of the vineyard by renting land. The surface area increased from 4 to 6 Ha and, as far as possible, the plots are always replanted in chenin. In 1955, Marcel LHOMME decided to start making sparkling wines and this orientation has remained until now. Drawing liquors and disgorgements are always made on the property. From 1955 to 1975, the estate prospered at the same pace as French viticulture, with investments in equipment (press, cellar) and the modernisation of cultivation methods (tractors).

In 1978, Marcel LHOMME's son-in-law joined the family business. For medical reasons, Marcel LHOMME ceased his activity and retired in 1988. With the rental of additional plots, the vineyard extended over 10 hectares at that time.

Lionel GAUTHIER named the estate "DOMAINE DU VIKING" in 1989. For the first time that year, the botrytised grapes were sorted to produce sweet wines. This authentic vintage was named "Cuvée Aurélie" and this only when the vintage has benefited from the most favourable climate.

Domaine du Viking has always been known for its sparkling wines, combining both modern processes and techniques with the experience acquired thanks to Marcel LHOMME. Today, the estate has 17 hectares of vines, which allows us to keep and guarantee the quality of the wine and its availability to serve our customers as well as possible.

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