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Domaine Du Viking

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  • Special open day for picnic at the Vigneron Indépendant ®.

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Vineyard in Centre-val De Loire

Hello and welcome to Domaine du Viking!

Who are we? What is our history, and what are we producing exactly ?
You'll learn everything in the different sections of our website, but first of all, here is a small overview of our family and the various services we offer. 
Happy reading !

Our family history

Research through personal archives shows that in 1835, the family bought the property in which they were already tenants at the Melotin place in Reugny. From that time on, the family has managed a small farm combining agriculture and viticulture. A grocery store was also created in one room of the house.

At the end of the 19th century, Pierre Ladoireau had about 2 hectares of vines and 10 hectares of land where he raised a few goats and cows. Maurice Lhomme, his son-in-law, increased the wine-growing area, mainly through purchases. The estate's expansion took place during a period of clarification and improvement of French wine-growing: the Vouvray appellation was thus created in 1936, together with the 75 other very first French wine Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée. The Vouvray AOC extends over 8 villages, including Reugny. Maurice Lhomme passed away during the 2nd World War. It is therefore his only son, Marcel Lhomme, who managed alone the 16 hectares of land and the 4 hectares of vines acquired by his parents.

Vineyard – Reugny
Vineyard – Reugny

In 1950, he decided to devote himself solely to wine-growing and stopped all other agricultural activities. He develops the wine-growing activity by renting new parcels of land : the surface area increases from 4 to 6 Ha. As the possibilities arise, the plots are replanted with Chenin for the production of Vouvray AOC. In 1955, Marcel Lhomme started making sparkling wines and created the first Vouvray Méthode Traditionnelle of the estate, then called Méthode Champenoise or champagnisés. From 1955 to 1975, the estate flourished with new investments: press, cellar, tractors.

Lionel Gauthier, Marcel Lhomme's son-in-law, joined the family business in 1978. The estate's first sweet and syrupy Vouvray wines were created in 1985 : for the very first time that year, grapes carrying noble rot were selected and vinified separately to produce an exceptional cuvée. As a wink to Marcel Lhomme's mother as well as his grand-daughter, the "Cuvée Aurélie" was born ! It will henceforth be the emblem of the estate, and will be produced again only when the best climatic conditions prevail.

Marcel Lhomme retired in 1988. With the further rental of plots of land, the vineyard extended to 10 hectares at that time. Lionel Gauthier named the estate "Domaine du Viking" in 1989: his nickname of "Viking" given by his fellow winegrowers suited him perfectly. This trademark quickly became the estate's true identity.

Lionel Gauthier started exporting in the 90s. Then a new winery was built in 1992, and the estate gradually expanded to reach 17 hectares by the end of the millennium.

Domaine du Viking joined the Vignerons Indépendants de France in 2005 to better showcase its craftsmanship beginning from the vine to end in the bottle. At the same time, export was growing.

In 2014, Lionel Gauthier's daughter Aurélie Gigandet joined the estate's team and took part in the Vignerons Indépendants de France wine fairs for the first time. Aurélie Gigandet started creating and conducting wine tourism visits to the estate as soon as she arrived and thus strengthened the links between sales and tourists. She also participates in the national event "Pique-Nique chez le Vigneron Indépendant ®" and thus opens Domaine du Viking to the public every year during the 3 days of Pentecost.

Today, almost 200 years after the family saga began, father and daughter produce the 4 facets of the Vouvray appellation, increase sales at the estate, at trade fairs and for export, and design user-friendly activities for all.

Vineyard – Reugny

LE DOMAINE DU VIKING: A family adventure where perseverance combines with the talent of mankind

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Our family-owned business is renowned for its high wine quality.


We have been winemakers from one generation to the next since 1835


We guarantee professional services whether you are here for a wine cellar tour, wine tasting activity or holiday rental.

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Annual Events

Pentecost weekend (3 days) :

Special open day for picnic at the Vigneron Indépendant ®.

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